How I Make Up To $150/Day By Downloading Apps On My Phone

BY Jane, MAY 10, 2023 11:00 AM

Hello & welcome to new blog post.

My name is Jane & I'm from New York.

Today I'm going to tell you how I make up to $150 per day from my home using smartphone.

How I Make Up To $150/Day By Downloading Apps On My Phone

So back in 2019, I was looking for a way to make money online.

I watched many YouTube videos, read blogs about how to make money etc.

But nothing was working.

I made Instagram account, YouTube channel, TikTok account and tried to make money using these.

But all this was taking too much time & was not making me money.

I even brought some online courses on how to make money online, but nothing worked.

Then one day I watched a video. And Everything changed after that!

Downloading Apps To Make Money

Video was from a 17 year girl.

She was making $3k+ from home using her smartphone.

I was shocked!

Here I was spending countless hours on different things making me few bucks here and there.

So I quickly followed every step she told in that video.

And made my first $112.74 on my first day!

After years of struggling, I finally found something which was working for me.

And after a month I got paid in my bank account.

I was very happy that day so I went to shopping with my boyfriend.

Now we both work on our smartphones traveling around the US.

How You Can Start Making Money From Home

Step 1 : Click here to join WriteAppReviews

First you need to join WriteAppReviews. They have 112,492+ members from all over the world. Till now they have paid 3.4+ million to their users.

Step 2 : Create your account

Once you open the WriteAppReviews, click on join now button. And complete the required steps.

Step 3 : Download Apps & get paid

Once your account is created you will get list of apps to download.

Now you just need to download the apps from appstore/playstore. Use it for 1/2 hrs.

Then just write a short 100-200 words review about the app in comment section of that app or website.

You will make $30-$50/app.

Amount will get credited to your account daily and will be paid to you when requested.


This site changed my life. I never had this much freedom & time in my life.

I will suggest you to give it a try now.

Click here to join WriteAppReviews

Thank you!

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